Roxana Nasoi

Profile: I discovered blogging and search engine optimization back in 2008. My first freelancing gig was related to SEO Copywriting, but since then I really evolved. I graduated from Psychology and hold a master's Degree in Occupational Health Psychology, but my love is and will be Statistics and Data Analysis. I am currently an Elance Consul in Romania for Bucharest city, where I teach people how to start freelancing and help startups find freelancers in our Elance talent pool. I am also a guest author and my online activity is related to link building and generating marketing insights through case studies. I also had around 10 appearances (TV, business magazines - print & online) since the beginning of January 2013. I'm 24, I live a happy life and I am always thankful to my parents for giving me freedom of choice and a good brain. :)

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