10 Things Impossible in Life

… when You Have 1000+ Friends on Facebook :

1. Trying to gather all your facebook friends in one room.
2. Finding a building that’s big enough for a pajamas party.
3. Listening to all of them at once and nodding your head as in „yes, I truly understand you„.
4. Looking all of them in the eye.
5. Hugging them all at once.
6. Capturing them in a photo. (Not even the best panoramic cameras can help you on this one).
7. Naming your only one best friend.
8. Having distributed attention for 1000+ people.
9.  Staying in touch with every single one of them.
10.Knowing every single one of them like the back of your palm

©Roxana Nasoi, your friendly Facebook user.
2011. All rights reserved. (:
4 Responses to “10 Things Impossible in Life”
  1. Jteph spune:

    Sunt atât de generale încât unele dintre ele se potrivesc și la mai puțin de 1000 de persoane 🙂

  2. Roxana spune:

    :)) I was bored.

  3. si se mai pot gasi multe, nu numai 10.. 1000+ 😀

  4. Roxana spune:

    Eh, nici chiar sa fac un pomelnic de 1000. 😀

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