Memories in an endless sea

Give me your hand, your white, pale hand and I…
I will give you mine in return.
Give me a drop of your ocean and I…
I will let you taste my endless sea of bittersweet memories.
I rush to the sea-shore, as my footsteps linger in the sand and carve another memory of myself, walking alone…
I rush to see you in the promised place.
But you…
You slip away and fade.
You are like a devil in disguise.
You left before I even get a chance to see you.
I was left to dream again and fantasize.
 Broken promises like broken wings…

What is left here anyway?
I will fake a smile, while you pretend to fall in love with me.
It drives me crazy, because we are imperfection soaked in cold rain drops.
Just let the wind ease my mind and free my soul, as time becomes a ticking bomb attached to my heart.

What are we anyway?
Nothing more than bittersweet memories in an endless sea

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