No more lies

To make me hold on to
And break me into pieces,
Then restore me to my abnormal self.

To keep me warm at night
And assure me things will be alright,
Then break my smile with a hug.

To make me want to disappear
And for a second to hold my breath,
Then bring me back to life once more.

To wipe away my tears
And run away with my fears,
Then come back with a hand full of hope.

To darken up my light
And lighten up my dark,
Then colorize my life.

Something or someone
Who caresses me at night,
Tries and fails to read my mind,
Becomes my friend and my foe,
Knows everything I need to know.

Something or someone
Who makes me feel
The blood rushing to my head,
Keeps me warm in a cold bed,
Reads between the lines I once read.

Something or someone
Who can’t save the entire world,
But becomes my savior instead,
Lives free and makes mistakes,
Imperfect, yet perfect in my eyes.

Something or someone
For real, not in disguise.
No more lies…

2 Responses to “No more lies”
  1. Mack spune:

    Vazut in blogroll, clickuit, citit, placut 🙂 Nu-mi place sa las comentarii minuscule gen „fain” si nici nu-mi place s-o dau in critica literara asa ca am scris toate cuvintele astea ca sa iti explic ca, daca lasam comentarii minuscule, aceasta poezie, ar fi primit un simplu si sincer „fain”. Zbye

  2. Roxana spune:

    @Mack: lol. :)) thanks.

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