I open my eyes.
Vision still remains closed,
I refuse what I see.
Such nothingness decomposed,
Gentle whispers to your screams
In silent hours,
Crushing hopes and dreams
The silence devours.

How did I turn blind,
Each time I opened an eye?
I thought I knew you,
I thought I heard your cries.
They were fake and insincere,
Your truths became your lies.
Somehow, our hearts collided
Straying faraway,
Somehow my tomorrow
Became your yesterday.

How many mistakes
Have we each time made
And how much more
Do I have to overcome?
I wake up and all I find
Is an empty bed sheet
Shadows of memories
That once tasted sweet.
The empty spot beside me
Gives me an aura of incomplete.

4 Responses to “Incomplete”
  1. Mia Iancu spune:

    Eu nu mai suport inca un prieten deprimat. imi dau demisia! Where hev I put mi shotgun?

    Emoticon care se da cu capul de perete!

  2. Roxana spune:

    Who said anything about being depressed? 😀
    E mai veche poezia.

  3. mihaela13o spune:

    Just wonderful! Love it! 😉

  4. Roxana spune:

    Thankies. 🙂

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