Randomized [poem]

Today I’ve…

my thoughts, my mind,
my visions, my life,
my feelings, my pain,
my sun and my rain.
my light and my dark,
my breaking apart,
my sorrow, my heart.

my wishes, my faith,
my patience, my hate,
my time, my dreams,
my imaginary realms.
my love and my time,
my minutes, my rhyme,
my betting on a dime.

my bleeding, my bruise,
my moment – confused,
my scars and my skin,
my hunger for the win.
my desires, my lust,
my occult spell cast,
my heart beating fast.

my breakdown, my karma,
my childish aura, my drama,
my rise from the ashes,
my crushes and crashes,
my wisdom, my vanity,
my once sane insanity,
my side-twisted reality…

2 Responses to “Randomized [poem]”
  1. krossfire spune:

    That would usually get you an unusual result or get you into a loop, in programming 🙂

  2. Roxana spune:

    @Kross: :)) you speak words of wisdom, my friend. :))

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