Thank you…

Thank you for bringing me down,
For acting everyday like a clown,
Thank you for hurting my ground,
Losing my mind without a sound.

Thank you for snatching my heart,
Each and every time you torn me apart,
Thank you, precious, for letting me inside,
Thank you for leaving me in one big lie.

Thank you for painting my eyes
With bitter tears and silent cries,
Thank you for breaking me in half,
When you turned my light into dark.

Thank you for wishing those thoughts
Behind my back, you have no guts!
Thank you for not looking in my eyes
Each time you started to criticize.

Thank you for setting me free that time
After letting me taste your newest crime,
Thank you for letting me live in your cage.
‘Cause of you I’m cold, I’m old, I’ve changed.

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