For what is worth


You kissed my lips like a thousand times,
But there is more to do to melt my pride,
You should have learned that by now,
I take alone my fall and swear no vow.

You pampered me like I was your toy,
I should have seen you’re still a boy.
That won’t do on my selfish vanity,
Still you tried to fuck up my reality.

You watched my back, I didn’t ask,
You tried to untie my hidden past,
I would have shot you many times,
But I don’t kill children in disguise.

You stained my heart with mud,
Thinking you were such a stud,
You liked to dream and fantasize,
But you didn’t have the right size.

For what is worth I would like to say
That nothing’s really the same way,
I can’t undo the damage done by you,
So fuck everything, especially fuck you!

* * *
I don’t fuckin’ care, Mr. J., you were never by my side. 😉


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