I walk down the street
where our memory still remains deep,
where my mind can gently fall asleep.
I know, it is wrong to weep,
but I still sometimes think of you.

I remember your smile
and how you smiled
at me not long a while.
I remember it clearly
how you hold me dearly.

You danced me to sleep in the night,
you always wanted me to feel alive.
And I made you smile or made you mad,
I remember the fun and the pain we had.

I remember all the funny parts,
how we used to play pool and darts,
our talks in those cold winter nights.

I still remember how you made me cry,
how you made me wish that I would die,
you were everything I saw in life,
but you disappointed me in time.

I remember clearly
how I hold you dearly.

* * *
there’s no such thing as power of love, only weakness.

3 Responses to “Remember”
  1. Orry spune:

    🙂 mi-ai luminat ziua! Multumesc!

  2. Roxana spune:

    :D. you’re welcome.

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