Believe in me

Believe in me

I’ve lost everything until today,
I’ve lost the right to be ok,
So I can make it through the day.

I’ve lost my senses, my fears,
I’ve lost my youthful years.
I’ve lost too many friends,
I’ve seen to many painful ends.

I’ve lost dreams that set me free,
I’ve forgotten who I wanted to be.
I’ve lost hopes of better days,
I’ve lost count of righteous ways.

I’ve lost my touch in my mistake,
By putting my feelings at stake.
I’ve lost serenity, I’ve lost my heart
And started tearing innocence apart.

I’ve lost my own true self in a flash,
Disappointments count too much.
I’ve lost my reasoning, my smile,
That I’ve regained not long a while.

Does that make me a loser or a winner?
Am I a saint or am I just another sinner?
Does that make you proud to be my friend?
I’ve regained my freedom in the end.
For just one true moment believe in me,
For I’ve washed my shame in the blue sea…

* * *
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