What if…


What if…

What if we were kids again
Seeing our life as a game?
What if we were young once more
And you would come knock at my door
Asking me to be with you,
To love you?
You would think that
I am foolish to say "no"
And you would follow me
Until I say "I love you"
And you would whisper
Softly in my ear:
"I told you so!"

What if time had no limit
Just for the two of us?
We would run after
Our old school's bus
And laugh lots of
Rainbow-colored sounds,
Thinking of today's fun
And tomorrow's romance.
What if there was just us,
Characters inside a story
Writing with our smiles
Love without mistakes or worries?
What if I would meant to be
With you until the end of time?
Would you smile,
Pretend you have to go
And never be mine?
And never look back?

What if I were to be a drop,
Falling in your hand,
Seeking your warmth?
Would you protect me,
Keeping me safe in your palm?
Or would you leave me
To dry and disappear?
I am not dangerous,
I mean no harm,
But what if all I have to offer
Is just a smile and my love?
Would that be enough for you?
Tell me, for I await your answer.

Yet no answer arrives,
Only cold silence remains.

What if you were meant to be real?
Would you show your face and reveal
All your mistakes?
I would gently whisper in your ear:
"My love, whom I hold dear,
I am yours and you are mine,
Mistakes are meant to be mistaken,
But memories rest immortal in time."

What if you would believe
In me for just once?
I would sleep next to you,
Holding your hands,
Touching your black hair
And singing you to sleep.
I would wake you with a soft breeze
And show you all my wonders,
Oceans, landscapes, blossom trees…

Yet still no answer to my needs
And all my prayers rest in vain.
I fall asleep inside my grave,
For I am alone once more,
For you have locked your door,
Leaving me outside your world.
What if you would warm my cold?

( inspired by another „you”… )

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