Letter to my unborn self


I would say hi, but I can not hear myself,
I would say something, yet nothing is left,
So I rest my head along the wall I made
For the perfect creature designed by fate,
For the freak struggling to come outside my body,
Forcing me to hate myself and love nobody.

I would tell you goodbye – can speak no more,
For I have closed your insanity behind my door,
Forgive me, child, for I have committed suicide,
Forgive myself once more, for I have truly died.
Lock myself inside a coffin and close the eye
That guided me through time – and block my life.

I would whisper my imperfection in your ear,
Just to know you are not alone, myself is near,
I would show you my world and what is like
To see yourself each time in black and white,
You would have loved it each and every day,
I know it, I dream it in my born self today.

I would write you longer poems, for you deserve
To have feelings written all over that heart of yours,
I would tell you how our world was made of dreams,
I would blow gentle breezes inside imaginary realms,
I would do anything to prevent you from being born,
Yet you still love me, you still see me as your home.

* * *
(va urma şi o variantă în limba română… )


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